Using 5% yield profits from Anchor protocol to buyback and burn $PATH

In an attempt to create an attractive market environment team can use some profits from Yield Generation to buyback $PATH and burn them to reduce inflation and attract new buyers through better tokenomics .


I’d vote in favour of this in the long term. I’m not sure if it’s the right play in the short run though. The DAO needs (in theory) all the capital it can get to grow its infrastructure, and so immediately sacrificing capital and burning PATH might be premature.

100% agree with you though that the tokenomics need saved urgently by some method.


Is there any brain out there who is able to analyse via onchain Data from where the selling pressure is really coming? Is it the rewards that are sold? We need to stop inflation. In an optimistic environment, the token price would get strength, but right now the tokenomic will rekt us all in due time. And for your information: I am rekt allready via copper. Fellow coppers, are you still out there?


Look, I am all for the community to create this kind of proposals, but this proposal is too shalow. Please, estructure this a bit more and try to mimic PathDAO or other DAOs proposals estructures.

What are the benefits? The downside? What is the expected outcome? How would this benefit the DAO longterm? What is the schedule on this buybacks, how would they be done?

Not only this is a hard no but also should not even be considered to a snapshot/vote.

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I agree. @Ehsan please refer to one of one weeke’s PIP on how he structure his proposal. You can also read about the proposal format here PathDAO Improvement Proposal (PIP) Process - #3

@Ehsan Appreciate the proposal. But for the greater benefit for the community to vote and discuss, we need more depth on the proposal.

Outlines the key aspects to put up, and you can take an example from the other PIPs that went up.
Appreciate if you can edit this proposal to that standards :slight_smile:

Do lay out also what are the suggested specifics.
e.g. How much % of $PATH to be burnt, how much gets channeled
Lay out a deeper justification on why is buyback better than continuous alpha generation on higher multiple opportunities etc. Merit Circle made a proposal similar in spirit, you can have a look at how it was structure to help as well :slight_smile:


I think we need to copy Merit Circle

No, no, no, no, and no.

Treasury for BUIDLing, not short term price pumps to assuage weak hands who want to sell out anyway.

But for dumps it’s good. Why markets are not supported by Treasury part? Dumping PAtH price and thinking about collecting USDC supporting others protocols and put on them liquidity extend own markets. Are you not think that it’s strange.? What about PATH tokenomic. PATHDao economy health at all?