Use farming rewards from Idle treasury to reward $PATH and PATH-ETH LP stakers

To further from the discussion in: Solving $path utility and price ($vePath and trust)

TL;DR: $path is very undesirable right now, and token utility is near non-existent.

This proposal will be very straightforward:

All farming rewards from the various strategies that PathDAO has engaged in using idle treasury to be distributed to $path and PATH-ETH LP stakers.

How? I am not a dev so I do not know what the best way would be, but I imagine an airdrop style claiming mechanism where users have to claim their rewards from a pool. Their portion is determined by their proportion in the staked pools.

I propose allocating farming rewards in the following way:
40% to $sPATH
60% to PATH-ETH LP stakers

This would be a great way to show investors that PathDAO cares and appreciates the funds they have invested in the protocol. It also provides some additional rewards that I deem a bonus. Finally, scholar earnings could also be deployed in these farming strategies, further increasing yields.

This is a fair way to reward stakers and increase hype from a financial persepctive.


Appreciate the suggestion.

I’ve touched on this topic in our discord DAO forum before.

Basically, the mandate and goal is to grow the treasury. We do this mainly in 2 ways.

  1. Illiquid investments in high EV private investments into Game protocols. Illiquid because of vesting terms.

  2. Liquid operations investments. Secondary token purchases, scholar plays, NFT investments

The ratio of 1 has been growing at a much higher rate than 2, due to the nature of higher EV opportunities at seed rounds.

What this means is that the liquid volume of gunpowder the DAO has might decrease over time.

Suggestions to take out liquidity and pay stakers can only work when we have sufficient liquidity buffers say for a 1 year rolling period.

Also, a 1 dollar used to invest might generate 5 dollars. Creating a fundamental backing for every token.

A dollar used to incentivise short term price action will be wasted in another bear cycle.

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That said, we still would love ideas to bring up the utility of the token apart from treasury backed value.

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