PIP-9: Staking rewards extension and contract upgrade

Details are all here.
Around 800k USD in the limit buy range

Thanks now staking has got the green light. To help the tokenomics should be put forward a pip to do a burn ? Thanks mar

Feel free to put up a discussion on a separate thread on this.
However, personal view is that burning doesn’t help much. It’s a one off effect and done.

If those tokens are however used to bring more value. think of it as gunpowder for user acquisitions, the effect will be way more compounding vs a one-off burn.

After play and earn opportunities are dwindling, the concept of a guild seems to be shaken. But you envision to become a social network for different web3 game developers enabling them to distribute their games via your platform using incentives and community building using your token? So you envision to become a facebook for web3 gaming where path is used as the community / the communities currency? Seem to me very ambitious…not impossible but highly ambitious…

I see you have caught up with our medium posts! :slight_smile:
Yes, the biz model for guilds no longer works. What we have done well was to preserve capital, but that alone will not generate exponential value to $PATH holders.

We are working very closely with web2 gaming communities today, uncovering several pain points for the past few months. It’s a highly iterative environment as we find pmf for our product builds. But the payout will be massive.

$PATH that’s connected to a treasury value alone won’t go as far as when a multitude of people are using $PATH in their lives - in this case, within community interactions. Think of it as the currency that powers gaming communities. The perfect form for this is still being discovered and this is where we ask for your trust :pray: