Partial deployment of treasury for a token buyback and burn

the PATH token is trading at a, roughly, 80% discount to its bookvalue, as defined by the treasury value devided by the current tokens in circulation. The discount has never been that high and the PATH token is lagging the (alts) market significantly in recent weeks and months. Besides that the volume has been declining steadily of the last few months. If we believe in the PATH project then NOW is the time to slowly start buying back and burn some tokens. If we don’t believe in deploying some of the vast treasury reserves now, then it means we don’t believe in the PATH project altogether. I propose to use in phase 1 US$500k of the treasury to do a buy back and burn of PATH tokens which will put a floor under the token price and increase the treasury value per remaining tokens significantly. Investing $500k into the own token vs the $12m treasury is a relatively small sum, less than 5%, but it’s a start.

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