Cash on hand treasury funds

We have over 10 million cash on hand. Now we are in a bear market. Could some money be allocated to a btc/ treasury ? Or eth? Thanks mar

Like a investment arm . Or target some heavily discounted alts

Or buy some blue chip nfts bored apes or crypto punks or kongz ?

Hi Marmar, thanks for proposing. We are constantly evaluating opportunities across the crypto market, and have been investing at small cheque sizes (couple of digidaigaku NFTs for example). Despite the massive drawdown from ATH and the high likelihood of bottoming, we are more inclined to deploy our stables upon confirmation, or when really high expected value opportunities arise

Happy to hear more on your thoughts!

Hi weekee
My thoughts are we have a lot of dry powder if 25% was put into btc treasury . With the rate of spending and the excellent gains we have been getting in this bear market.The 10million cash is going to take a very long time to spend. The long play in btc could help when new investors look at path dao the various investments we have ?
Thanks mar

Honestly BTC or ETH at current price is super attractive, especially post forced selling from FTX / DCG saga

Though the key thinking here is to not catch the absolute bottom, but prepare ourselves for the next wave up. What I mean here is that, historically we rarely see a V-shaped recovery (i.e. btc or eth pamp 100% in a week), but rather a long period of sideway movement. And given the macro uncertainty moving into next year with stagflation etc., Iā€™d prefer to see

  • clear de-correlation between sp500 & crypto
  • sign of positive momentum recovery (at the expense of 20-50% gains)

before deploying our USDC. This would protect our downside in the event of another black swans (which continue to surprise us YTD)

Rest assured though, our mandate is to outperform ethereum as a gaming-focused DAO and the only way to achieve this is to long, not to sit on stables. Happy to hear your thoughts!

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